Would You Bury All Your Love Without A Sound? is the second studio album from independent recording artist, Adam Lakes. The project began when Lakes found an 8-track cassette tape containing a number of unfinished songs from his earliest days in New York City. Inspired by the youthful vibrance of this material, he began to see these songs as a gift that had been left to him by a younger version of himself, and he gradually began to think of the project as an opportunity to re-engage with the mind and the memoir and the music of that younger self. Over time, he revised and completed the songs, and he worked to develop the narrative that they composed. He also began writing new songs that conversed with the old. Finally, with his friends and collaborators, he began to experiment with recording, editing, and mixing techniques in an effort to make out of it all some kind of compelling record. The resulting album is a work of Lowfi/Indie/Laptop/Garage Rock. And while it is an evocation of Lakes’ early years in New York City, it might also be seen as a meditation on the ways in which we struggle to keep our hearts open to the world as we deal with the difficulties of life.