Magaly Acevedo first developed her love of music while growing up in the Dominican Republic, where she would often listen to LPs that her mother had sent to her from the US. Years later, after she, too, had emigrated, Magaly began to develop an interest in the visual arts, and, in particular, photography. She has since produced an extensive collection of photographs covering her life, her city, and her travels, which she is currently archiving for a forthcoming photo blog. She works with Adam Lakes as a recording engineer, photographer, and videographer.


Tyler Burba (  got his start in music by singing at gospel competitions and performing on local Christian radio programs in the Pacific Northwest. During these early years, he also taught himself how to play piano and guitar after becoming interested in rock n roll artists like Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan. He has since written, recorded, and performed in a number of genres, including; classical, jazz, blues, rock n roll, Latin, country, experimental/avant-garde and spoken word. With his solo project, Visit, he has released two albums of existential country music. He has been writing, recording, and performing with Adam Lakes since 1999.


Jim Despas has lived in New York City since the day he was born. His life in music began at an early age, when he saw the Beatles debut on the Ed Sullivan Show. After this initial inspiration, he began to learn musicianship instinctually by picking up any instrument he could get his hands on… Eventually, he settled on the bass guitar because it created the sound to which both his ear and mind were most seriously drawn. During the height of the New York City rock n roll scene, he was a regular player at the Bleecker Street clubs and at CBGBs. In later years, he withdrew from public performance to raise a family and devote time to his home solo recording project, Push/Pull, which has produced a large discography of unreleased experimental, punk, and rock recordings. He currently plays bass guitar with Adam Lakes in both a live setting and on recordings.


David Sisko ( is a record producer based in New York City. He has remixed best-selling artists, released electronic and experimental records, and co-written and produced numerous songs for major, indie, and self-released labels. He is one-half of songwriting team and recording project Disco Pusher, and he works out of his Min Max Studios in Midtown Manhattan. He holds a Masters of Music Technology degree from New York University, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Voice Recognition, and the Tonemeister Recording curriculum. He works with Adam Lakes as both a producer and recording/mixing engineer.


Michele Temple (  is a musician, composer, and record producer based in Woodside, Queens. She began her music career in Cleveland, Ohio, where she was a member of such bands as Home & Garden and the Vivians. Since 1993, she has been a member of the legendary avante-garage, underground rock band, Pere Ubu. In New York, she has played in the orchestra pits of Broadway shows Wicked and Motown, and she has taught at the Brooklyn Conservatory, where she counts Alicia Keys as one of her former students. She has also been a member of the songwriting/production team, the Jettsonz. Additionally, Michele runs her own recording studio and production company, Urban Iguana Productions. She has worked with Adam Lakes on a number of projects since 2009.


Bill Wolf ( has been playing drums since he was nine years old. Perhaps, this is in some small part due to the fact that his next-door neighbor as a child was famed drummer, Bernard Purdie. Though Bill suffered the early ignominy of performing with the Paul D Schreiber High School Marching Band, he recovered to play rock n roll with such groups as The Thangs, Jet Screamers, The Bounding Johnsons, and, the strangely noneponymous, Wolfhaven. For many years, he has been a staple of the New York City rock n roll scene, playing with one band or another everywhere from Otto’s Shrunken Head to the Ding Dong Lounge to CBGBs. He has been performing and recording with Adam Lakes since 2011.


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