February 20, 2015- Played the Parkside Lounge as part of the Burba Family Reunion Concert- w/ Burba, Wolf, Despas.

June 14-15, 2014- Recording session for new album at Galuminum Foil Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn- w/ Burba, Wolf, Despas, Acevedo, Sisko, Jeff Berner.

January 22, 2014- Played the Fifth Estate in Park Slope, Brooklyn- w/ Burba, Wolf, Despas.

October 4, 2013- Played Gussy’s in Astoria, NY- w/ Burba, Shapiro, Despas.

September 25, 2013- Played the Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn- w/ Temple, Wolf, Despas.

August 7, 2013- Played at the Parkside Lounge, NYC- w/ Burba, Wolf, Despas.

June 14, 2013- Played a show at the Delancey in NYC- w/ Burba, Wolf, Despas.

June 8, 2013- Played the Rion Family’s Backyard Bash in Krumville, NY- w/ Burba, Wolf, Despas.

May 22, 2013- Played at R Bar in New York City, NY- w/ Burba, Wolf, Despas.

April 29, 2013- Played at ZirZamin Subterranean Music Lounge in New York City, NY- w/ Burba, Wolf, Despas.

April 5, 2013- Played at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn, NY- w/ Burba, Wolf, Despas.

February 28, 2013- Played at The Bowery Electric in New York City, NY as part of ‘A Tribute To Johnny Cash’- w/ Verene, Despas.

February 27, 2013- Rehearsal w/ guest drummer Chris Verene and Jim Despas.

February 21, 2013- Played at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn, NY- w/ Burba, Wolf, Despas.

February 7, 2013- Bassist Jim Despas joined us for rehearsals.

December 12, 2012- Had our first rehearsal in New York City- w/ guitarist Tyler Burba and drummer Bill Wolf.

October 9, 2012- Heartbreak Music: Adam Lakes on That Bitch Broke My Heart released via youTube.

October 6, 2012- New guitar- ’93 American Fender Telecaster…

August 18, 2012- Filming of promotional video project w/ photographer Magaly Acevedo in Montreal.

August 4, 2012- Adam Lakes interviewed by award-winning film composer, recording artist, and guitarist Christopher Libertino for short video project on recent album.

July 30, 2012- That Bitch Broke My Heart now available through the following online music distributors- iTunes, Amazon, eMusic,  Google Music, Spotify, and Rhapsody.

July 22, 2012- That Bitch Broke My Heart officially released- available at iTunes.

June 21, 2012- That Bitch Broke My Heart released via www.adamlakes.com.


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