What I wanted from this project was to find a way forward by revisiting some of the songs of my past, as a way to give thanks for that past, but also to mourn it– because, as I looked back into the excitement of my earlier years, I realized that I had become quite closed off from the world in the years since then, and I had done a lot of damage to myself. I saw that there was a part of me that was gone forever, and I felt I needed to make a record about it, so that I could begin to move on with my life in some new kind of way… and this is something we all do in our lives, when we’re lucky and when we’re gracious– we bury our past, we bury our past selves, and we bury our love, so that in its place a new love can grow.

This album is for those who are youthful and open-hearted and truly alive. It comes with compassion and encouragement and, perhaps, even a little foresight. This album is also for those who are closed off from the world and damaged and depressed. It comes with empathy and respect and, hopefully, with a reminder of the light we all carry within us, a light that renews and strengthens the source when given to others. I have had the pleasure and the pain of working on this record for the last few years, and I’m giving it away now with a certain sense of contentment in having followed the true line of my own heart through my music. I’m also giving it away with the hope that some of the inspiration and consolation and revelation that was gained in its making can be passed on to those who are truly listening wherever and whenever it’s played.

-Adam Lakes
Brooklyn, New York
June 2018